Monitoring The Growth And Development Of Your Unborn Baby

Apart from consuming the right foods, engaging in healthy exercises and getting plenty of sleep during pregnancy is important. It is also your responsibility as a mother to monitor the changes in the development of the baby that you are expecting. The following tips shows how.

Spend time with yourself

During pregnancy, it is important that you reserve a specific time period to spend time with your baby. You should engage in activities such as talking, reading stories and singing to your unborn child. Notice if any movements such as kicking are shown while doing these which would indicate that the baby is responding to your voice and is developing at a normal state. Some researchers believe that voice recognition starts 6 months prior to delivery.

maternity photography look

Capture the moments

Another way you can measure the baby’s growth is through taking a picture of the stomach at each month. You can do this through a maternity photography service that will capture precious moments during pregnancy in a clear and satisfactory manner. Open an album for all these pictures which would aid in making comparisons between the present and past. Towards the end of the ninth month, you will have a collection of photos indicating the development of your infant.


Although maternity photography captures the baby’s growth externally, methods such as scanning are considered to be one of the most effective and precise methods of observing the baby from inside or through fashion photography where you and your baby will look more fabulous. Your doctor will provide you with a schedule regarding the dates and times for check-ups. He or she will carry out an ultra sound scan each month which will provide you with a picture of the baby’s current growth. This will help you determine if the development is normal in comparison to the duration of pregnancy.

Other tests

Apart from scanning procedures, your doctor may recommend several other tests such as the non-stress tests in order to determine if the growth of baby is normal. This test accesses factors such as acceleration of fetal heart beat. The rate at which the heart rate responds or reacts to movement is recorded. However if the baby is asleep, there will not be any responsiveness and this is considered normal.

These methods are highly useful in comprehending how to be aware of your baby’s development and to determine if the growth is normal relative to the time period. Measuring fetal growth is also beneficial in avoiding any birth complications related to pregnancy and delivery. This will have a direct impact on your baby’s health.