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We can find the person who is having the habit of smoking in two or three houses in a single area. Among the habits, if a person starts to smoke he cannot stop it. Smoking makes the person addictive and they cannot leave the habit in any situation.

I have seen my neighbor that he had the habit of drinking alcohol. He has two daughters as per their advice and love. He dropped the drinking but he cannot drop the smoking. He promised their daughters that he will quit smoking. But few days later he again started to smoke. Even though he wanted to quit but something resisted him. He also suffered and tried a lot to stop smoking but he could not control. The family members also felt sad and they cannot also show their angers to his dad as they love him more. They also said to reduce the amount of cigarettes as usual he tried to reduce the amount and after few days again the normal number of cigarettes he consumes.

Due to smoking, we will face various health issues like breathing problems, lung or kidney failure, mouth cancer and so on. It will reduce the immune power of smokers. They will often cough and difficult to breathe sometimes. Commonly injecting the tobacco content into the body is poisonous but the small quantity of in taking tobacco helps the smokers to reach the health issues in delay.

Alternative solution to stop smoking

Vaping is the alternative and best solution to stop smoking. It is also named as electronic cigarette or e- cigs made up with chamber and other chemical substances. In traditional cigarettes, the tobacco is highly contented but in e-cigs the tobacco content will be equal to nicotine substance so it has a low chance to cause the health problems.

You can recommend this vapor cigarette to your neighbors or friends who cannot quit smoking. It is the best way to get rid out of from smoking step by step. In rehabilitation center they also suggest this vaping cigarette for quitting the smoking. As internet is the greatest source to find more information, you can find the best site for buying e-cigs at affordable price. Make sure that they have good reputation or not. Read the reviews and feedbacks of the site which are given by their customers. I hope you will be having healthy life by buying e-cigs compared to traditional cigarettes.