Concussion cases should be attended right away and may be fatal if neglected!

While the Mother Earth has given birth to even the bacteria and viruses that cause infection and disease to human beings, some of the reasons for human suffering are man-made and not from nature. There have been evidences of manmade famine and drought all over the world at different times.

As of late, the world has seen the growing disturbances of infections that are results of faulty lifestyle. While diabetes and heart attacks are to some extent related to such problems, another growing menace is that of road accidents. It is also a lifestyle problem in many cases like driving fast and late into the night, and also manmade to a certain extent in the form of fast moving cars and bikes.

Is concussion always related to road accidents?

Concussion is a medical state in which the brain suffers a deep amount of trauma and hence fails to function normally. Since the brain guides and controls most of the organs of the body, hence at times of concussion, they also fail to perform properly complicating the matter even further medically. Thus, patients suffering from concussion can be serious cases which are difficult to handle in most cases.


Concussion can happen out of a sudden state of shock for the brain that can come in many ways. The shock can be out of road accidents where the skull is hit against the road or any metal part, thereby going into a state of shock. Even if it is not so, an accident often leaves a lot of stress on the nerves thereby transmitting shocks to the brain. Concussion can be out of such reasons as well.

But there can be other reasons of concussion too. Besides road accidents, concussions can happen if one falls at home, too much grieved by someone close’s death, terrified due to an accident or incident happening in front of the eyes, and so on. Thus, any state of shock that can be out of any reason whatsoever can lead to concussion.

How to deal with the patient?

A situation of concussion is extremely difficult to handle since any negligence can be fatal for the patient. The nurses thus attending to such patients must be well trained. The gamut of concussion clinics Alberta helps in imparting the much required training to the nurses who require it. The clinics not only impart training and education but are actually responsible for 24X7 service in the nearby locality or area to rush to the spot where an individual may have suffered some kind of a shock to go into concussion. Basically, in such a situation, the blood flow to the brain is hampered, and this is actually a major reason for concussion. The clinics thus ensure to attend to such patients at the earliest.

They also extend other value added services for the people in need, providing annual baseline testing and regular sessions of discussion on concussion management. The best thing about the concussion clinics Alberta is that they also provide the much necessary education and certification for the nurses dealing in this area of medicine.