Best Cosmetic Treatment Options

Cosmetic treatments have a long way since bad nose jobs of the yore. Botox is not the only solution to your ageing, skincare, excess fat and other problems. Here are some of the best cosmetic treatment options available for purchase in the fashion industry right now:

Soft Tissue Fillers

Forget anti-wrinkle injections in Melbourne, if you want to look better, rather than younger or tighter, the latest treatment is soft tissue fillers. These highly targeted fillers add volume to specific areas. For example, if you have under-eye puffiness that makes you look tired or exhausted all the time, you can opt for soft tissue fillers exclusively on areas that need fixing. Soft tissue fillers are a great non-surgical solution to remedy discoloration, asymmetry or puffiness.



If you want to drastically improve your skin tone and get rid of wrinkles, discoloration and other unsightly spots, you can try this advanced approach to dermabrasion. It’s much gentler than the notoriously harsh dermabrasion procedures, and only removes a thin layer of the epidermis. The technique uses your skin’s ability to rejuvenate itself. A small machine is used to “sand off” the outer layer of skin, which usually grows back much smoother and finer. The only caveat is, you will need significant recovery time after the procedure is done.

Chemical Skin Peels

Chemical skin peels are to the modern what anti wrinkle injections were about five years ago. Chemical skin peels can remove signs of ageing without the need for any sort of invasive intervention, not even a little needle prick. Chemical skin peels are applied on to the skin like a normal face peel, and once removed, it also removed outer layers of the skin, which grows back finer that before. Chemical skin peels differ in “intensity” depending on the need.

Intense Pulse Light Treatment

Intense Pulse Light, or IPL, treatments are the closest the dermatology industry has gotten to for achieving the perfect skin as seen on fashion magazine covers. IPL treatments are intended to remove scars or blemishes created by conditions such as acne, sun damage, ageing and so on. It works by targeting a certain wavelength of light onto a discolored area to make the skin grow back normal and younger looking.

All of the above treatment options are good if you want to take that extra step to look beautiful. However, you might want to be very careful before choosing a certain type of treatment. Research the type of treatment you want thoroughly, get opinions of expert dermatologists, and know all the risks involved before you subject yourself to the procedure.